Safe Decontamination Services for the prevention of contamination and infection.

Micrologics Inc., provides safe decontamination and cleaning services for industrial, commercial and residential properties. We are centrally located in Kansas City and provide services throughout the greater Midwest as well as customer sites across the USA. Using a holistic and science-based approach, Micrologics will:

  • The coronavirus strain (COVID-19) is currently impacting how we move and work in our daily lives.  The team at Micrologics is helping our customers in the Kansas City area as well as across the United States by consulting with them on best practices as well as providing services for the safe disinfection and sanitization of indoor areas, including offices and schools.  We use processes learned from careers in the biotech industry and utilize EPA registered disinfectants.  We have the ability to cover large areas and entire buildings.
  • See the following for coronavirus advice from CDC (copy and paste into your browser):
  • Inspect for and eliminate contaminating micro-organisms (bacteria including spores, fungi/mold and viruses).  We can complete indoor air quality testing (IAQ testing) as well as other sampling methods including ATP, swabbing and contact plates.
  • Our consulting services are focused on contamination control in cleanrooms and other manufacturing areas in order to mitigate and eliminate contamination and cross-contamination concerns.
  • Effectively sterilize indoor air and surfaces, resulting in a 106 (99.9999%) reduction in microbes.
  • We use a variety of decontamination methods learned during our careers in the medical device and healthcare industries, from the gold standard, chlorine dioxide gas, to lower level decons such as fogging and UV-C light.  We give custom solutions to our customers in order to properly disinfect and sanitize work spaces.
  • Eliminate odors caused by mold and other microbes, animals, smoke and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Safely neutralize indoor allergens and other irritants.
  • Clean and disinfect HVAC components, which improves indoor air quality and extends the life of the HVAC system.

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