Chlorine dioxide gas

Q: What is chlorine dioxide gas and why do you use it to decontaminate?

A: Chlorine dioxide is a true gas that is made up of two oxygen atoms and a chlorine atom. While it contains chlorine, its chemistry is much different than common chlorine bleach and won’t break down into environmentally undesirable compounds.

We use chlorine dioxide gas to decontaminate because:

  • The chlorine dioxide gas molecule is smaller than the smallest virus. Like air, it goes everywhere we let it, so it touches any surface where a microorganism might live.
  • It leaves no residue, so you don’t need to clean up after our treatment.
  • The EPA supports the replacement of chlorine bleach with chlorine dioxide because it is a safer alternative. It is widely used for the treatment of drinking water and to sanitize fruits and vegetables.
  • Chlorine dioxide gas can get up to a 106 reduction of organisms, or a 99.9999% reduction, often referred to as a “sterilization level reduction.”