Clean and Decontaminate

Facility clean room

Micrologics, Inc., uses a variety of technologies and tools to clean and decontaminate everything from small rooms or pieces of equipment to entire facilities. We can achieve a 106reduction in microorganisms or greater if needed. The disinfectants and sterilants we use are registered with the EPA and are safe for use in indoor environments with appropriate controls in place.

Service HVAC systems

Industrial duct work

Regular cleaning of an HVAC system reduces energy costs and prolongs the life of the system. Depending on your needs, we can offer services and products to keep your HVAC system clean and contamination free.

Eliminate Odors

Skunk on tile bathroom floor

Using a combination of tools and technologies, Micrologics can eliminate noxious odors within 24 hours.

Products for mitigating and eliminating contamination concerns:

  • Hypochlorous acid (disinfectant) generators
  • Air & surface purification systems
  • Environmental monitoring equipment
  • UV light disinfection systems
  • Chlorine dioxide gas generation systems
  • Contamination control mats and flooring
  • Cleanroom and industrial vacuums and dust collection equipment